BROWNING GROUP Working Seminar

HostsTim Browning
LocationHeinzel Seminar Room (I21.EG.101), Office Building West
(* = unusual time/place)
TimeWednesday, 12:45 pm – 2 pm

Academic Year 2023/24

Upcoming Events

November 29, 2023
Matteo Verzobio
Sieving on Mersenne numbers
December 06, 2023
Judith Ortmann
(University of Hannover)
Integral points on a singular del Pezzo surface over imaginary quadratic fields
December 13, 2023Christian Elsholtz
(TU Graz)
Lower bounds for progression free sets and caps in F_p^n
December 20, 2023Nuno Santos
(Warwick University) 
January 10, 2024tbatba
January 17, 2024tbatba
January 24, 2024Efthymios Sofos
(University of Glasgow)
January 31, 2024tbatba
March 06, 2024Damaris Schindler
(University of Göttingen)
March 13, 2024tbatba
March 20, 2024tbatba
March 27, 2024tbatba
April 03, 2024tbatba
April 10, 2024tbatba
April 17, 2024tbatba
April 24, 2024Cameron Wilson
(University of Glasgow)
May 01, 2024Public holiday
May 08, 2024tbatba
May 15, 2024tbatba
May 22, 2024tbatba
May 29, 2024tbatba
June 05, 2024tbatba
June 12, 2024tbatba
June 19, 2024tbatba
June 26, 2024tbatba

Past Events

August 30, 2023Ana Marija Vego
On binary polynomials not
representing all integers
October 04, 2023Julia Stadlmann
(University of Oxford)
Equidistribution estimates
for primes in arithmetic progressions
to smooth moduli
October 11, 2023Yijie Diao
Towards a Hasse principle
for random Châtelet surfaces
October 18, 2023Stephanie Chan
The 6-torsion of class groups
of quadratic fields
October 25, 2023Victor Wang
Paucity and polynomial products
November 01, 2023
(public holiday)
no meeting
November 08, 2023Emmanuel Royer
(Université Clermont-Auvergne & CNRS)
Kloosterman paths to prime
power moduli
November 15, 2023Loïs Faisant
A gentle introduction to
motivic stabilisation of curves
November 22, 2023Nick Rome
(TU Graz)
Progress report on quadratic Manin-Peyre