Academic Year 2019/20

October 16, 2019Marek FilakovskýEmbeddability of simplicial complexes is undecidable
October 23, 2019Francesca BalestrieriUniformity results for Brauer groups of Kummer varieties and applications to rational points
October 30, 2019Tal HoreshEquidistribution Properties of Primitive Vectors
November 6, 2019Alec ShuteCampana points and square-full numbers
November 13, 2019Florian WilschIntegral points of bounded height via universal torsors
November 20, 2019Dante BonolisPólya-Vinogradov inequality: a modern tragedy
November 27, 2019Nick RomeFibrations with few rational points
December 04, 2019Tim Browning, Nick RomeA question of Wooley: progress report and a call for help
December 11, 2019Tim BrowningThe geometric sieve for affine space
December 18, 2019Maria Anna SisakWhat the Hecke operators
January 08, 2020Nils GubelaWuthering heights: counting rational points on a toric surface
January 15, 2020Julian LyczakOn the study of integral points in a family
January 22, 2020Julian LyczakSchmidt 1: interpretation
January 29, 2020Tal HoreshSchmidt 2: background
February 05, 2020Florian WilschIntermezzo: heights and line bundles
February 12, 2020Tal Horesh & Alec ShuteSchmidt 3: proof of asymptotics
February 19, 2020Tal Horesh & Alec ShuteSchmidt 4: finishing up (i)
February 26, 2020Alec ShuteSchmidt 5: finishing up (ii)
March 04, 2020Damaris SchindlerManin-Campana for toric varieties
March 11, 2020Francesca BalestrieriPoonen-Slavov and random hyperplane sections
March 18, 2020Dante BonolisThe power sieve and character sums d’après Munshi
March 25, 2020Julian LyczakErdös-Strauss cubic surface d’après Bright and Loughran
April 01, 2020Zhizhong HuangArithmetic purity and the geometric sieve
April 08, 2020Kevin DestagnolSymmetric products and Manin’s conjecture
April 15, 2020Adelina ManzateanuFailures of the Hasse norm theorem in characteristic p
April 22, 2020Nick RomeOn a paper of Bombieri and Bourgain
April 29, 2020Alec ShuteStrong approximation and Markoff triples
May 06, 2020Dante BonolisExpanders and sieves
May 13, 2020Francesca BalestrieriGeneralised obstructions due to Corwin and Schlank
May 20, 2020Jennifer ParkAverage ranks of elliptic curves à la Brumner
May 27, 2020Carlo PaganoRandom Pell equations
June 03, 2020Efthymios SofosTBA
June 10, 2020AllResearch Snapshots (i)
June 17, 2020AllResearch Snapshots (ii)
June 24, 2020Vinay KumaraswamyA paper of Sarnak and Wong
July 08, 2020Nick RomeStacky failures of the Hasse principle